The Mantis Animation Rig
An inside look at the animation rig for the Mantis, including a screen recording of the Mantis Rig in use. IMPORTANT - in order to view the video, you need to download the TechSmith Quicktime Decoder for either PC or Macintosh OS9 or OSX. Don't be afraid, it's quick and painless! (added 6.23.04)
The Intro - Behind the Scenes
A brief discussion of the creation of the Intro. (added 3.08.04)
The Mantis Parable Studio
I like to see what other people's work spaces are like. Here's my "studio". (added 1.07.04)
Texturing the Mantis Parable
A look at some of the textures used in The Mantis Parable. (added 10.08.03)
Frolicking Mantises
A miraculous encounter with some praying mantises provides some great research and development video. This clip shows some of the highlights and includes a rough musical accompaniment, a variation of which may be used in the film. (added 8.21.03)
Wireframe Views
A simplified look at the wireframe views (including some lighting discussion thrown in) from the desk scene in The Mantis Parable. (added 7.26.03)
The Mantis Parable - Desktop Wallpaper
Grace your drab computer screen with an image from The Mantis Parable! Choose from Morning, Sunset, or Evening (added 7.19.03)
The Mantis and The Fly (Animation Test)
An early animation test of the mantis attempting to catch a fly (added 7.09.03)
Lighting (Time of Day Variations)
A look at the 3 lighting schemes used and the philosophy behind the lighting in The Mantis Parable (added 7.06.03)

Caterpillar Color Studies
The process of creating and choosing the texture (patterns and colors) for the Caterpillar was a difficult one (added 6.29.03)